High Index Aluminized Reflective Beads - Type 3

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1/2 lb(0.23 kg) and 1 lb (.45 kg) packages

Glass microspheres  60  microns.

Hemispherically coated with a thin aluminum shell. 

Beads are gray in appearence with a fine powder like consistency.

Each high index glass bead microsphere is a half aluminum coated sphere.

All of our High Performance reflective glass beads made using the purest raw materials and are melted into highly reflective materials before shaped into fine glass beads.

These beads offer high performance and durability due to their extremely smooth surfaces, greater than > 98 % roundness and less than 1% air inclusions.


Bead Application

The manufacturer recommends 6 pounds (3.75 kg) of beads per gallon (3.78 liters) of paint.  The beads are dropped on top of the paint while it is still We recommend an Acrylic based paint.


0.5lb (0.23 kilogram)-----$21.29 USD 

1 lb (0.45 kilogram)-----$39.99 USD

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Price $21.29

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