Reflective Glass Beads - Type 1 & Type 4 (.45kg/1 pound))

Reflective Glass Beads All Types, Standard, Airport, High Index, Aluminized, large Molded
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Reflective Glass Beads

Sold in 1 lb (.45 kg) packages


Standard DOT Beads - Type 1

Sand like texture.

These are the same glass beads used on traffic lines;

Meets Federal and State specifications.

Inter-mix for a texture or drop on application for reflectivity. 

Sizes are 20-325 US Mesh,

45-850 Microns, Roundness >= 80%.

Refractive index is >= 1.51.

Uses include traffic, signs, as well as art and crafts.


“Powder” Type 1

 Great for Signs! Powder-like texture

 Size: US Mesh 100-200, Mil-Spec 10.

Similar to the glass beads used on street signs and in aerosol sprays.

Inter-mix for a texture  or drop on application for reflectivity.

Roundness 65 to 95%.

Refractive index is >= 1.51.

Uses include traffic, signs, “sand blasting”, preening as well as arts and crafts.


“Airport Quality” Type 4

Moisture Coated

Offer high performance and durability due to their extremely smooth surfaces, greater than 95 % roundness and less than 1% air inclusions.

Size 12-30 US mesh, 600-1700 Microns.

Refractive Index >= 1.51

Slightly larger than our standard DOT beads. 

Uses include parking lot, traffic and airport striping, signs, arts, crafts, painting and more. 


Large Molded- Type 1

Produced using state of art molding technology

Size 3.0 mm.  

Roundness >= 95%.

Refractive index is >= 1.52.

Uses include topical paint applications, decorations, signs, art and craft projects. Shipped in a recloseable seal top bag.


Bead Application

The manufacturer recommends 6 pounds (3.75 kg) of beads per gallon (3.78 liters) of paint. 

The beads are dropped on top of the paint while it is still wet for reflectivity.
We recommend an Acrylic based paint

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